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Frequent questions

What is FruitWatcher device for?

FruitWatcher service is intended for monitoring goods conditions in refrigerated transportation processes. Device monitors temperature, relative humidity and GPS positioning, including closest location (ie. Barcelona Port).

How does it work?

Operating modes and features are fully detailed in user manual. Please, click here for reading it.

Can I have several devices?

One user account can be provided with as many devices as desired. Devices are not necessarily linked to a vehicle, they are portable and can be placed wherever goods to be monitored are.

What do I need for purchasing a FruitWatcher device?

There are no previous requirements or installation (although fixed installation ofr vehicles is available).
Customers just need to keep in mind that they need to link the device to a user account in for managing the service.

How can I activate my device?

You will need a user account in
After login, access to “Add device” panel and link a tariff to the device. After these steps you will only need the serial number and activation code which are under the cover  in the AA batteries devices or under the silicone protection in the lithium batteries devices.

Can I cancel my device operation?

Yes, you can cancel devices operation in your visualization system. Cancellation implies:
– It is irrevocable.
– Left balance is lost.
– GEEZAR will make an offer for re-acquiring the device for a maximum of €29 depending on the device state.

How can I contract a tariff?

You will need to acquire a device first.
Tariffs are contracted and linked to devices in “Add device” section in the visualization system.
There are two types of tariffs: per consumption or flat rate. Flat rates for 6 or 12 months are automatically updated after expiring. Tariff of payment per consumption imply balance recharges by customers.

When will my device start data deliveries?

After activation via web, the device is ready for operation. AA batteries devices will just need batteries correct insertion, while lithoum batteries devices will need key insertion and turning until green LED is on. Devices only deliver data (and consume balance) when they are activated via web and ON.

What benefits can I get from FruitWatcher service?

You will know in real time temperature, humidity and position of transported goods.
You will be able to correct refrigeration errors before goods are damaged.
You will have arguments in case of disputes on goods arrival conditions.
FruitWatcher means added value for transport services and can bring customers to transport companies.

How can I access the visualization system?

Visualization system is accessed via any connected device (computers, tablets, smartphones) just clicking “Monitor” button in this website or accessing

How can I check my transported goods conditions?

Visualization system contains “My Devices” panel, where devices are selected clicking visualization button (the button with an eye). After that, date and time ranges must be selected and all data will appear on the screen including maps, graphs and tables.

What is WT certificate?

WatcherTravel certificate contains all transporation process data and guarantees their veracity based on our company quality standards. It is a useful tool for proving transportation processes conditions.
It will be obtained selecting transportation process date and time ranges.

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